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Yes Chatbots! It is projected that in the next 10 years 90% of ALL businesses will have a Chatbot on their website. Also, Facebook estimates that in the next three years ALL businesses will have a Messenger Chatbot for their Facebook Page/ads. 

But why Chatbots, what’s so cool about them? 


Chatbots offer businesses invaluable resources. One such resource are leads. Leads, that our Chatbots generate, give businesses new ways to contact interested customers. At Ryder’s Agency we focus on the two types of leads with the highest conversion rates; Email and FB Messenger leads. 

Increased Sales

Leads lead (see what I did there?) to more sales. A friendly reminder about your business to a potential customer is just the push some need to make a purchase. 

Research by Bain & Company says, “businesses that successfully use Chatbots to engage with their customers were able to increase the customer spend by 20% to 40%.”

Q & A

Customers always have questions. A survey conducted by Harvard University showed that 83% of online shoppers need support during shopping. So, your customers may require help trying to understand which products fit their needs/budgets any time of the day. Chatbots allow interested customers to ask questions and get quick reply’s, at anytime, in seconds!

Cost saving

Since Chatbots are automated solutions, they allow organizations to handle many customers simultaneously. By “employing” Chatbots that complement human agents, you will not only save on employee costs but you will also avoid the problems caused by human errors.

Monitoring data

Chatbots can be also used to track purchasing patterns and consumer behaviours by monitoring user data. According to Forbes, this helps a company to decide “which products to market differently, which to market more and which to redevelop for relaunch”.

24/7 Support

According to a research by Gartner, customer service is the most important factor to success. So, whether you are an international or a local business, having a good customer service 24/7 has a positive impact on your customer satisfaction. And Chatbots do exactly that!

Now is the perfect time to launch your Chatbot! Get ahead of you competition before they leave you in the dust!

We Will Build One For You!

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  1. Thank you some much! I own a beauty company and just got wind of these Chatbots. I will be in contact with you and hope we can make awesome things together too!

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