About Us

Welcome To Ryder's Agency

Ryder’s Agency helps businesses rapidly acquire new customers using the fastest growing digital marketing and lead gen channels: Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Marketing. 

Who Are We

As of now we have two employees. Ryder, the founder and Julie, an IT java specialist with a masters in computer science. 

Our Mission

We take pride in having a business started by a 16 year old kid. Our goal is to get more minors immersed in the world of Online Marketing.

What We Do

We generate new leads and customers for businesses, with the newest forms of Chatbot marketing.

Our History

Ryder started programming when he was ten. Five years later he decided to start making money from his pasion. After a year of hard work he launched Ryder’s Agency. At first the purpose of Ryder’s Agency was only making Chatbots for websites, but it soon branched out to all forms of online lead gen marketing. He quickly realized that he was in over his head and hired Julie. Julie has a major in computer science and has been programming for 20 years. Together they have been building Ryder’s Agency from the ground up, with no plans of stopping any time soon.

Our 6-D Process


First we discover you. Either through us reaching out, or vice versa.


Next we hop on a call and define how we will be generating new leads and customers for your business.


Then we draft a design and share it with you. You look over it and make any necessary critiques. Then you send it back and we start.  


For us to develop a Chatbot for your website it only takes three business days. If you want a Chatbot for your Facebook ads/account it will take an additional two days.


We then deploy the chatbot/s. This process is as simple as copying and pasting the programmed script into your websites header. 

We will deploy any or all Facebook Chatbots for you.


Lastly we watch as the Chatbot/s begin to deliver. This is not a process that take months to unfold. Instead we should start to see results in the very first week!